Magnetic wireless charger with cable

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Magnetic charging

15W fast charging

Widely Compatible

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Magnetic charging

D467 Magnetic Wireless Charger is specially designed for the magnetic alignment of iPhone 12 series, 12pcs built-in strong magnet block, the strong magnetic adsorption function allows you to adjust the angle freely without deviating from the charger center.

Superior built-in magnetic keeps our charger in place and prevents slipping. Place your mobile phone at the center of the charger for the best charging result.

15W fast charging

With Qi quality standard, the Magnetic Chargers support 4 output power schemes: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W, It will automatically adapt to different output powers according to the phone model to ensure fast and safe charging of your device.

Maximum 15W magnetic design allows, so that your phone can be accurately aligned with the charging coil and placed on the charging pad to achieve faster and more stable charging. With comprehensive intelligent protection technology, it provides functions such as temperature control, over-voltage and over-current protection, short circuit protection, and foreign body detection.


This magnetic charger is compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max as well as compatible with MagSafe phone cases and AirPods models with a wireless charging case. The magnetic alignment experience only applies to iPhone 12 mini / 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max.Without the magnetic sticker case, phones without Mag-Safe will not support the magnetic feature.

Protection and Safety

Magnetic Wireless Charger with intelligent protection technology to provide temperature control, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and foreign object detection. Keep your phone stay cool and safe while charging

Specification :

Model D467
Rated Output 5W/7.5W/10W/15W
Current 1000mA@1100mA@1250mA
Frequency 127.7kHZ±6HZ
Supported Devices 5W/7.5W for iPhone, 10W/EPP15W for Samsung
Protection SCP, OTP, OCP, OVP  
Certificate CE/ROHS/FCC

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